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The SOVEX was established in 1995. Currently, it is a leading and technologically unique Russian company, which supports uninterrupted operations of Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg) in any weather conditions throughout the year. The company's fuel storage complex consists of two fuel depots: the main one (6.5 ha) and the dispensing one (over 5 ha). The total volume of tanks at the main depot is over 16,000 m3, and the length of access railway lines is 150 m. A trestle is erected for downward (closed-type) fuel discharge. Pumping units allow emptying tanker trucks at a rate of 350 m3/h.

Fuel is also delivered from the Kirishsky Oil Refinery (that belongs to the Surgutneftegaz oil company) by a pipeline that passes through two intermediate fuel storage facilities. The pipeline fuel delivery rate is 125 m3/h. The depot inlet pipelines are fitted with filters to clean fuel from mechanical impurities with a fineness of 15 u before it enters the main storage tanks. The dispensing depot is located directly at the airport territory and accommodates three dispensers to fill tanker trucks with fuel. The depot is also equipped with a centralized aircraft fueling system that makes it possible to deliver fuel through underground pipelines to aircraft parking areas. This is the first domestically developed high-capacity centralized aircraft fueling system. Similar foreign-made systems were previously installed at Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports (Moscow) and at Tashkent airport.

The centralized fueling system comprises three distribution lines delivering fuel to 18 aircraft parking areas at Pulkovo-1 airport equipped with 36 hydrant regulators. The system is controlled and monitored from a fueling control room located at the dispensing depot. Fuel is pumped from the main depot to the dispensing depot through two 5-km pipelines at a rate of 400 m3/h. The company owns nine aircraft fuelers, including the TZA-20 vehicles (fuel capacity 20,000 I) and the TZA-40 vehicles (fuel capacity 40,000 I) that are considered to be the best types made in Russia. IATA commission has approved the use of these vehicles for fueling aircraft of the IATA members. The maximum daily amount of fuel supplied by the company is 1,200 t with a monthly total of 28,9001. SOVEX provides services to 198 air carriers from Russia (including Pulkovo, Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, BAL Bashkir Airlines, Samara Airlines and Transaero); 10 companies from the CIS countries (including Uzbekistan Airways, Aerosvit Airlines, Armenian Airlines); and 35 companies from other foreign countries (including Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, SAS and KLM) and this number is continuously growing. Due to a sharp increase of VIP flights carrying foreign political and governmental leaders to St. Petersburg, the operations of SOVEX have significantly expanded. In 2002 alone, SOVEX twice provided fueling services to the US President's AF-1 Boeing 747. During George Bush's visit to St. Petersburg in May 2002, a US representative responsible for the preparation of the presidential aircraft for departure presented a certificate of gratitude to SOVEX for professional attitude to its duties. The growing demand for aircraft fueling services at Pulkovo has necessitated the expansion of SOVEX capacities. For example, under an agreement with the KamAZ Motor Vehicle Plant (Naberezhnye Chelny) approved by the Civil Aviation State Service of Russia's Ministry of Transport SOVEX places in operation more comfortable KamAZ-54115 refueler tractor trucks with filter elements ensuring a filtration fineness of 3 u.

Several projects are being implemented jointly with the Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise, which is a traditional partner of SOVEX. Under this cooperation, foreign airliners arriving at the airport are now sprayed with foreign-made deicing fluids (Kilfrost Type I and Type II). In late 2000, to provide for a higher level of quality and purity of aviation fuels, oils and lubricants, SOVEX commissioned a laboratory to analyze FOLs and special fluids used at the airport, as well as samples of fuel, oils, and lubricants taken from the aircraft undergoing scheduled maintenance. The laboratory received a Certificate of Approval under the Air Transport Certification System issued by the Civil Aviation State Service. Well-organized, systematic and uninterrupted operations of the SOVEX company considerably contribute to the successful performance of Pulkovo Airport. Since 1997, the Civil Aviation Airport Association of Russia has several times awarded Pulkovo the Best Airport title.

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