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Fuelling Company (Jet fuel Supply) SOVEXDear visitors, I'm  glad to welcome you on the site of fuelling company  SOVEX.

SOVEX represents one of the  leading company in the  market of fuel supply services for russian civil airports, one of the evidence of which is the list of our Clients - about 200 domestic airlines (including Pulkovo, Aeroflot, State Transport Company Russia, Siberia, Volga - Dnepr,  Bashkir airlines, Samara, Transaero, Dahlavia), 10 - the countries of CIS (including Uzbekiston airlines, Aerosweet, Armenian airlines), more than 40 foreign airlines (including  Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, SAS, KLM). The list of served airlines constantly extends.

The section "Company Structure" gives general view of  divisions  and  leading managers.

Sections "Services and products" and "Prices" provide information on supported  types of aviation PETROLEUM PRODUCTS and the prices for our services.

Fuelling Company (Jet fuel Supply) SOVEXSection "Essential elements and Contacts"  will help you to establish a  contact  with  necessary expert, and also contains "How to find us"  map.

In my opinion, for our visitors one of  important will be section "Industry standards and referenced  data"  where it'll be possible to take a closer look at our Price list (Posted Airport Prices) and Technology  of  aircraft  refueling.

Taking into consideration that this site cannot provide answers in full to all possible questions of it's visitors, we have arranged the section "Feedback" where it will be possible to ask a concrete question to